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Lipedema Treatment, the only successful treatment of lipedema is surgery

"Merely liposuction
  is effective"

    Dr. med. Falk-Christian Heck


The treatment plan for lipedema
is clearly structured:

Premature diagnosis,
   other causes of pain are eliminated
Premature surgical planning,    
   stage 1 can already be painful,
   compression and lymphatic
    drainage don't prevent the
    growth of adipose tissue
Pre surgery – if necessary –    
   decongestion of adipose tissue    through intensive lymphatic
   drainage and compression.
   Especially important for
   lipedema at a progressed stage
Gentle liposuction with    
   waterjet assisted technology
Surgery with local anesthesia    through tumescent solution.
   No general anesthesia! Ambulant
   instead of stationary treatments
   involve a greater protection
   against thrombosis and resistant
   hospital germs. There are different
   expert opinions regarding this
Post surgery 8 weeks of supportive
   corset and regular lymphatic
After 8 weeks a conclusion
. Usually, no further
    treatment is required.


The only successful treatment of lipedema is surgery.
This has to be clarified beforehand, since a lot of confusion still persist regarding this topic.
A causal treatment is still nonexistent, due to the
fact that the underlying cause of the disease is still
Compression and manual lymphatic drainage
as a "massage" only alleviates the pain that is caused
by repressed tissue water.
The fat tissue and with it the frustration keeps growing.
The compression clothes for legs and arms involves a
significant restriction on the quality of life. Worn in
summer and in winter alike, they don't influence the
disease in any way.
The weekly lymphatic drainage appointments
consume up to 60 minutes and hamper the day to
day scheduling immensely. The lipedema becomes
the central focus of life.


The guidelines provided by the society of vein
medicine is in agreement, that gentle liposuction
is the best treatment method.

Since lipedema causes a lifelong growth in
fat tissue, it is crucial to target a surgery during
stage 1, when the first typical pain appears and
a certain diagnosis can be made.
At this point a complete recovery is possible
and assures the focus on the important things
in life again.

OP & (mind up program) Anaesthesia

The common method for liposuction is the tumescent – vibrations – liposuction.
The fat tissue is infused with saline solution via thin
cannulas. Highly concentrated anesthetics are added
to the solution. The fat cells dilute after 1-2 hours,
caused by the solution that the fat tissue is drained with.
Subsequently the slurry of fat and saline is suctioned via
3-4mm thin, vibrating cannulas. Sometimes pain killers
are administered intravenously.
A general anesthetic is not necessary!
The special nature
of tumescent anesthesia is specifically designed in order
to carry out longer surgeries using local anesthesia. A
general anesthetic is always related to unnecessary risks.

Waterjet assisted liposuction is a ground breaking
method in the field.

A pulsating water jet sprays the tumescent solution
the fat tissue, in order to anesthetize it.
The liposuction can start just a few minutes after.
The waterjet flushes the fat cells out of the tissue
like a pressure washer, which are simultaneously
The fat separates itself from the solution inside the
collection container, so the actually removed amount
of fat can be precisely measured.
The waterjet assisted liposuction method reduces the amount of surgery time up to an hour, additionally re-
moving more fat and leaving behind a visibly thinner leg.
According to a study, this method is also more
indulgent to lymphatic vessels.