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Testimonials lipedema treatment

"Treatment will
  change your life"

    Dr. med. Falk-Christian Heck


I have to thank you again for everything
– since the first lipo last febuary, my life
changed for the better, to name one of my
goals for this year…. The marathon in
October in Munich.

(...) Soooo much has changed and the quality
of my life has increased a lot.

I wasn’t aware of some many things, which
I could not do, but can do now effortlessly.
Dancing all night, long city trips, running, wearing
short dresses/ skirts, boots etc.

I strongly and happily recommend your practice.

Yvonne Steinmetz

January 2015

Dear practice team,

Today is my first day of work after surgery and
I am feeling great – as you can see in the attached

Im so amazingly happy to finally have my
"new old arms" back. Huge praise and
thank you again Dr. Heck for his keen sense
of aesthetics and the amazing results.
Also Dr. Brass for the gentle sleep and "Anti-pain
and nausea – doping". And of course the
entire surgical and practice team for
all the love and care!!!

They are all great and deserve a medel!!!
Best Regards

Judith Kunze

Hello Dr. Heck,

A lot of time has passed and I would
sincerely like to thank you again.

Thanks to you I know my worth and
you have changed and enabled a lot
of things with this surgery..

Katharina Zwior