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Prognosis, what can i expect of lipedema treatment

"Lipedema treated at stage 1
  is considered fully healed "

    Dr. med. Falk-Christian Heck


What is to be expected from surgery?
The initial findings are crucial. When the first pain appears, early
during stage one, the fat tissue is not as dense and the skin still smooth.
A completely natural shape of legs and arm can still be achieved
with surgery. Lipedema is eliminated and we consider it healed.
The later lipedema is diagnosed, the more the skin can changed
due to the continuous exposure to congested tissue water.
Often times, the calves skin is still very tight and an anatomically
appealing shape can still be achieved. The skin on the thighs, however,
is often times significantly looser. That remains after surgery, even
though the development of wrinkles can be prevented.
In the "final stage", the skin remains lobed, even after surgery.
However, the thickness of arms and legs can significantly be reduced.
The decongestion caused by surgery substantially reduces pain or
removes it completely.
Compression tights assist in creating a better shape, reduce the cloth
size and stop lipedema.
Even saggy upper arms become tighter due to the compression
wear after the liposuction, therefore reducing potential skin
tightening surgeries.
What's gone, is gone!
Removed fat tissue usually doesn't grow back.


Dr. med.
Falk-Christian Heck
on German TV


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